Buyers Questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire thoroughly and to the best of your ability in order to make the most of our meeting! It will help us serve you better throughout the process. We appreciate you taking the time to do this!

  • Nice To Meet You

  • Tell Me About Yourself

  • Specifically any animal allergies
  • Communication

  • Please tell me how I can best communicate with you
  • Your New Home

  • If it does not have the following you will not buy the home. For instance, at least 3 bedrooms, basement, minimum sq. footage, etc
  • These are preferred options but you may still buy the home. For instance, 2 car garage, sitting room, 1 acre lot, etc.
  • Ex: mother in law suite, pets etc
  • Open houses, online browsing, etc.
  • Time Frame to Buy

  • Financing

  • Misc Questions

  • It's Time to Meet Our Team!

  • Our next step will be to set up a meeting with us to discuss the best strategy to meet your goals